Acqua Glycolic Products

Aqua Glycolic

Aqua Glycolic®Merz Company Logo is the brand behind a range of skin care products using alpha hydroxy acids. The most common one is glycolic acid, used for anti aging treatments. The brand is owned by Merz, a privately held global corporation based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company was founded over a 100 years ago by Friedrich Merz. Today it has branches in various European countries as well as the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Asia Pacific. Metz is active in research, development and distribution of innovative products in the areas of aesthetic medicine and neurologically induced movement disorders. Their mission statement is:

It is our vision to become the most admired, trusted and innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxin company.

In the USA the company’s strategic brands include Naftin®, Onmel™, Mederma® and Aqua Glycolic®. For more information about Merz or the Company’s products for the US market, you can visit

The Aqua Glycolic® product line is currently merging into the Mederma® brand. So make sure you check out the products under their new name (Now “Mederma AG”)

Aqua Glycolic Products

Aqua Glycolic Products

These products boast having the highest level of glycolic acid available without a prescription. In general, they are safe to use for all age groups and skin types. The acid components work by getting rid of dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production. They need to be pH-balanced to avoid skin irritation. As always, your dermatologist is the best person to ask before using any of these products in your daily skincare regimen.

Facial and Body

Aqua Glycolic claims to have a solution for any skin type. They have made glycolic acid their selling point. For the face, they have three products:

You can also find kits that include all three, or a combination of two products. Usually these kits offer bigger savings.

For the body, they offer:

All these products in the skin care system are designed to give you healthier, younger and better feeling skin. They reduce wrinkles and help fight acne. These also help reducing sun spots. But be careful, glycolic acid also makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Always use proper sun protection if you use any of these products.

Benefits of Aqua Glycolic Products

  • Removes dead, dry skin cells with rapid and gentle action
  • Stimulates collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Maintains skin’s proper moisture level
  • Relieves rough, flaky skin conditions
  • Heals dry, cracked or sun-damaged skin
  • Treats acne and other minor blemishes
  • Helps to stimulate circulation in the skin

These products are relatively inexpensive, ranging in price from $12-$15.