Glycolic Cream and Cleanser Benefits

Glycolic Creams And Cleansers

In the following video we can listen to how to go about facial care. Note that the video begins with a good explanation about the use of glycolic acid creams and cleansers. This is because the acid has a very powerful cleaning effect on your skin. As long as you use good quality cosmetic cleaner on your face, it will be strong enough and yet gentle enough for excellent results.

Even though skin types vary from person to person, this acid is proven to be effective on all skin types. Actually, you should be cautious on the other ingredients in the cleanser to verify that those are also compatible with you skin type.

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Understanding Your Skin Type

Some facial creams also contain this acid. Take this as yet another indication that, with very small doses, the acid is not harming the skin. On the contrary, it is included to have a long lasting effect on the skin pores so that they don’t get clogged up. One of the problems with creams, and with makeup in general, is that while they nourish the skin, they may also end up choking it. This is because the ingredients can fill the pores on your face. Since these are your skins’ lungs, if they get completely blocked, they can not breathe. So you need to balance the nourishing and the cleansing. This is why understanding your skin type is so important.

Wrinkle Worries

Glycolic Acid Creams & Cleansers
Glycolic Acid Creams & Cleansers

In creams, the acid helps reduce the effects of aging and can diminish wrinkles. But you shouldn’t be too worried about wrinkles; these are actually very beautiful, especially if they are “smile wrinkles”, i.e. those that form because you smile a lot!

You should be careful using creams with acid when your face is completely dry because there might be an undesirable itchy effect.

Benefits of Creams and Cleansers

One of the benefits of glycolic acid on your facial skin is that it will have an energizing effect. This is like the acid sting waking you up. As a result, your body will react and your skin will become more hydrated. This has a very powerful effect on people who have dry facial skin. The facial skin can dry up because it is very delicate and is constantly exposed to external factors. It is also where we put most of our makeup. So a good cleansing is something you need to have on your daily self care routine.

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