Glycolic 10% Facial Cleanser

A Brief Introduction To Glycolic Acid Cleansers

How it works

Facial cleansers have a number of nutrients that are added to make them viable and effective. The lack of some nutrients in your skin can make it look rough and unpleasant. Therefore, the best skincare products add those lacking ingredients to your skin and restore the original color and freshness. You should always look at the ingredients of a cream to understand if it is good for you. Unfortunately in some cases using the wrong product can have an adverse effect. Glycolic acid is one of the best components that you should look for in a cosmetic product. In fact, this is an alpha hydroxy acid obtained from sugar cane. This natural acid provides freshness to the skin and restores its original color. As a result your complexion will improve leaving you with radiant and smooth looking skin.

Glycolic acid cleansers improve skin freshness and enhance your complexion. In cosmetic creams, the product is mixed with other ingredients in different proportions. You have to find a cream that has the a sufficient amount of the product in it so that you do not have to add it separately. The acid cleans the skin by peeling the old and rough skin. This process is exfoliation, leaving the skin smoother and fresher looking. The effects are not immediate; it takes about 7 days to show results. Once the older skin is peeled away, the underlying fresh layer is revealed. In simple terms, you are encouraging cell turnover of the skin making it younger. This layer of fresh skin has the tone of your natural complexion. People around you will find your natural young and fresh look very attractive.

Glycolic acid is the smallest of alpha hydroxy acids, so it has an excellent penetration capabilities when applied as an acid cream. This is similar to beta hydroxy acid which is usually found in cosmetics as salicylic acid. Both are used in skin care regimen to prevent skin aging or to cure sun damaged skin. Glycolic acid  skin care products are also used for hard to treat skincare problems such as blackheads and enlarged pores.

Underneath your skin, it penetrates the cells and stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers. This leads to very favorable results for reducing wrinkles and also appearance of fine lines on your face.

Who should use it?

Glycolic 10% Facial Cleanser

If you are serious about your home beauty regimen you should have this product in your arsenal. Anyone suffering from premature aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, pimples, blemishes or breakouts will certainly benefit. It works great as a moisturizing agent if you are concerned about keeping your skin hydrated or if you have dry skin. Used as a purifying cleanser, it does wonders for people affected with acne problems.

Use only products that do not have synthetic ingredients. They may harm your skin. Also be careful because an exceptionally high dosage of this product may actually damage tissue cells making them rougher.

Side effects

In some cases glycolic acid cleansers may be incompatible with your skin type. Even though quite rare, they may cause severe irritation. Rashes may develop if the product is not compatible with your skin cells. When you first use an acid cream treatment, it is better to apply the product for half an hour to check if you feel any kind of irritation. If there is some feeling like that, you must consult a dermatologist. Your dermatologist can guide you to find the best product and the correct usage. In any case, you should always check if the product is fit for you to use or not. In most cases, the irritation goes away after continuous use for 7 days. Beware that acids may damage tissue cells for some people with sensitive skin. If you are irritant to products containing citric acid the most probably the glycolic version will harm you too.

You should also be very careful if you are sensitive to sunlight. Using these facial cleansers increases your sensitivity to sunlight and you could risk sunburns. Limit your exposure to sunrays and always use protective clothing and sunscreens.

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